This is a page summarizing the experience of people I know who have started practicing Heart Rate Coherence. Feel free to contact me if you would like to contact one of these people.

Roz in England reports how her life has changed since she started practicing Heart Rate Coherence. She is “more confident to take on goals and opportunities..” and “.. situations where I used to react with overwhelming anxiety I am now responding frequently a relaxed and controlled response.”

Jan states amongst other things , that “Heart coherence is a key to life coherence. ” and “.., if you are interested in “jump starting”  your practice and getting to Coherence more quickly, it may be the path for you”

John shares his emotional growth after he started to practice breathing techniques which increased his Heart Rate Coherence. He says that he “..now feel much more calm and peaceful and react hardly at all when unwanted events come down the track.”. He feels”..an ongoing sense of trust that everything is OK and will be OK.”

Betty shares about how she gets “more unconditional love towards myself and others” while practicing Heart Coherence without any technology or rules.

Patrick states that since he started practicing Heart Rate Coherence he has ” felt more peaceful, and better able to deal with everyday stress”

Sarah from Santa Barbara shares how her procrastination went away once she started practicing Heart Rate Coherence.

Beth from Santa Barbara shares about how practicing Heart Rate Coherence techniques helped her through a difficult time.

The HeartMath Institute has published a summary of its scientific studies in a report called “Science of the Heart Vol 2 authored by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. in 2015 . ISBN 978-1-5136-0636-1 This book can be ordered from the HeartMath Institute store at https://store.heartmath.org/Science-of-the-Heart-Volume-2/