Methods of Increasing Para Sympathetic Nervous System Activity

A definitive work on increasing the Relaxation Response.

Two M.D.’s Richard P Brown M.D. from Columbia Univerisity and Patricia L Gerbarg frm the New York Medical College have written “the healing power of the breath” which describes in detail and with a CD how to do breath practices which increase para-sympathetic nervous system activity.

Herbert Benson M.D. & Lisa Rankin, M.D.’s ideas

Herbert Benson wrote a book called The Mind/Body Effect in which he discussed how the Relaxation Response can increase welless by changing the activity of the autonomic system. Lissa Rankin M.D. author of Mind over Medicine has suggested that increasing parasympathetic nervous system may be the root of all self-healing “miracles” where people can recover from serious medical issues without standard medical interventions.

Doing Pursed Lips breathing increases Coherence

I have found that breathing in heavily through my nostrils for say three seconds , then breathing out forcibly through pursed lips for say seven seconds can dramatically increase my Heart Rate Coherence and thus the Relaxation Response. Click here to learn more about this.

Increase your parasympathetic nervous system activity with an app on your phone.

Click here to learn how to use the HeartRatePlus app which runs on a SmartPhone or iPhone and costs under $10. If you want a short printout click here

This clip on YouTube can support you in closing your eyes while practicing the 365 technique.

Exercise helps too

A paper discusses how exercise can improve parasympathetic nervous system activity

Meditation increases Parasympathetic Nervous System activity.

Check out this paper

There is a very simple breathing pacer on YouTube . If you follow it’s guidance for ten minutes , you will most probably get into Heart Rate Coherence, boost your Para Sympathetic Nervous System and enjoy more peace and calm in your life,

Saying the Jesus Prayer ( or any other repetative ) increases e Parasympathetic Nervous System according to Dr Zeider and helps people become more calm and peaceful and feel less anxious.