Living Coherently through Heart Rate Coherence Presentations.

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The purpose of the presentations is to offer attendees a simple way of experiencing more peace, calm and acceptance in their lives and to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they feel.

The Living Coherently presentations are based on the scientific principle that by shifting activity from Sympathetic Nervous System (fear, freeze and flight) to the Parasympathetic Nervous System one can experience more peace of mind, less stress, less anxiety , more intuition and maybe become event more spiritual. For the medical/scientific background to these ideas see David O’Hare M.D’s. Heart Rate Coherence 365 or watch David O’Hare’s video presentation 365 Breathing Zone by clicking on the Play button on the top right corner of the display.

The presentations identify and describe Heart Rate Coherence as occurring when the rate at which the heart beats can change from being chaotic and ragged to moving faster and slower as seen below.

Heart rate changing chaotically
Heart Rate going in and out of Coherence while breathing slowly and deeply.

As Heart Rate Coherence is an indicator of Parasympathetic Nervous System activity , the presentations explore different ways of increasing Heart Rate Coherence and different ways of measuring it. Measuring Heart Rate Coherence allows Biofeedback techniques to be used to find out which techniques produce the best results for the individual user.

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