• This page describes ways of getting to the Board Room of Frienship Manor that are suitable for people with handicaps.

From the field to the Elevator

Come in through the gate and keep walking alongside the pool and out the other gate at the end of the pool.
Go down the ramp and you will see a rectangular white tower in front of you. That tower is the elevator tower.
Go to the right around the tower and keep going around it until you see the elevator door .
Go up to the second floor.

From anywhere to the Elevator

  • There are two Handicapped spaces in the basement of Friendship Manor.
  • From 101 take the Los Caneros turn off and go West
  • Get in the Center lane as Los Carneros ends
  • Turn left at El Colegio Road when Los Carneros ends.
  • Make a sharp right immediately after the left turn in front of the brown sign saying Friendship Manor  and go down the ramp into the basement parking area.
  • After stopping at the stop sign , go past it and ignore the sign saying No Parking for Visitors.
  • Go around until you come to the elevator which has the Disabled Parking places on either side of it.
  • If you find an empty parking place, park and go up to the second floor .
  • If there are no parking places, keep going , leave the basement and drive to the Field,

From the Elevator to the Board Rooom

Take a right out of the elevator and walk along the passage ways on the second floor level until you come to a T-junction at Room D240
Turn right and keep going along passage ways (you will go through a door) until you come to the Board Room at the end of a passage way,

Please e-mail me ,john@livingcoherently.com ,the previous day if you want to use a handicapped entrance and I will post signs for you along the way.