Living Coherently using Heart Rate Coherence

By   John D. Mudie.Ph.D..
Certified HeartMath(r) Coach/Mentor.
Compassionate Coaching  


What do we mean by Emotional Stability?

  • Emotional Stability is a word we are using to describe something that has been called by a number of other different names,e.g. serenity, equanimity, composure, emotional sobriety, peace, detachment, presence of mind,Cool Mind etc.
  • It also denotes an ability to self soothe, to be able to recognize undesirable emotions(e.g. fear, anger, depression) and to shift into more desirable ones, (e.g. love, gratitude, acceptance, compassion and altruism ).
  • Sometimes when things happen that we don’t like , we can go into a state of fight, freeze or fear and act inappropriately. If we can shift into a state of Emotional Stability , then we can remain more peaceful and calm , review the situation calmly and take more appropriate actions.
  • Emotional Stability, also includes the concept of Emotional Resilience, the ability to recover quickly from emotional upsets.

What are the benefits of increasing Emotional Stability?

  • People who have used certain techniques to improve their Emotional Stability report that they have experienced much calmer , more peaceful lives and maybe more intuitive ability.
  • They tend to develop more social skills and develop their intuitive ability.
  • They tend to be less reactive and respond more peacefully to situations which used to bother them.
  • For an indepth discussion of this click here.

How can a person increase their Emotional Stability

  • There are many ways of increasing the amount of Emotional Stability, one of which is to observing their Heart Rate Coherence and taking actions to increase their Heart Rate Coherence
  • Some are breathing based techniques, some involve experiencing emotions while breathing
  • Measuring and displaying Heart Rate Coherence can be used to develop more Emotional Stability by determining which techniques are successful for an individual. These actions can be used in normal life to achieve Emotional Stability when necessary.
  • In addition , without any equipment , the user can learn techniques which have been found to be successful in raising Emotional Stability.
  • Click here for a methodology that can cost less than $10 if you have a smartphone/iPhone.
  • Click here for an in depth discussion click here.


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  • By clicking here you can read a lot of warnings, disclaimers and general caveats about these ideas about using Heart Rate Coherence observations to increase Emotional Stability
  • It’s one of those collections of Reader Beware, Use at your own Risk warnings.

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